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Discover our comprehensive range of IT Consulting Services and strategic advisory services. As a leading international IT Consulting Services provider, we specialize in delivering strategic solutions and partnerships tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you require assistance with corporate IT strategy, IT management consulting, digital transformation, innovation, process optimization or organizational development, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Explore our diverse suite of business consulting services and unlock the full potential of your organization.

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Our IT Consulting Services

Strategy Consulting

Determine a coherent strategic approach and implement this within your organisation. Development, business transformation and execution: Stramasa will support you throughout the entire process.

Organization Development Consulting

A business transformation that involves aligning organizational structures, operations and culture with your organization’s mission, vision, strategy and values. Stramasa supports you at all levels.

Process & Performance Consulting

Clearly defining processes, managing them well and adjusting them systematically leads to sustainable performance improvement. Stramasa guides you and provides training.

Digital Transformation consulting

Stramasa guides your digital transformation from A to Z. Starting from your business strategy, we create a digital roadmap to optimise your company’s operations.

Marketing Consulting services

Experience a transformative marketing consulting journey with Stramasa. Align your organizational structures, operations, and culture with your mission, vision, strategy, and values.

Sales  & Business Development services

Transform your sales and business development with Stramasa’s expert consulting services. Align your organization, optimize operations, and foster a winning culture.

Tailored Solutions

Our expert business consultants provide client-centric, tailored solutions, leveraging their extensive knowledge in management consulting and industry expertise.

Industry Expertise

Our team of industry-leading experienced consultants excels in providing strategic guidance and innovative approaches through proven experience and results.

Proven Results

With a track record of delivering measurable outcomes, our consultancy services drive business growth and success.

Strategic Partnerships

Our management consultants offer industry-focused strategic guidance and build long-term partnerships, helping you gain a competitive edge.

IT Consulting Services for your industry

Finance Consulting

IT consultants and services for the financial industry.

Technology Consulting

IT consultants and services for Technology & SaaS companies.

Healthcare Consulting

IT consultants and services for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals.

Manufacturing Consulting

IT consultants and services for Industrials & Manufacturing.

Retail Consulting

IT consultants and services for retail & FMCG brands.

Professional Services Consulting

IT consultants and services for lawyers, accountants, architects…

Energy Consulting

IT consultants and services for the Energy & Oil & Gas industry.

Construction Consulting

IT consultants and services for construction companies.

Automotive Consulting

IT consultants and services for car manufacturers & dealers.

Telecommunications Consulting

IT consultants and services for Telecom companies.

Hospitality Consulting

IT consultants and services for Hotels & Restaurant brands.

E-commerce Consulting

IT consultants and services for e-commerce companies.

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