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Our team is the heart and soul of our agency group. They care about our clients and know their business as if they were internal, and strive be the best and most experienced experts in their field. From amazing creatives to knowledgeable digital natives and strategists, we are proud to have a diverse and multinational family of amazing professionals that manages to exceed expectations time and time again. Furthermore, they are supported by a connected hub of 50+ passionate digital, marketing & communication enthusiasts.

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Our 42 specialists are here to help you.
Senior Digital Strategists Stramasa - About Us

Senior Digital Strategists

Our Senior Digital Strategists have comprehensive experience in both digital and social marketing campaigns and consumer promotions. This role is tasked with providing insights, thought leadership, and strategy.

Certified Digital Marketing Consultants Stramasa - About Us

Certified Digital Marketing Consultants

Our digital marketing consultants identify the most effective ways of advertising or marketing your company products, brand or services using various digital technologies.

Veteran Sales Coaches Stramasa - About Us

Veteran Sales Coaches

Our Sales Coach responsibilities include mentoring new salespeople, designing individual and team training courses and preparing educational material. They will level up your sales team!

Inside & Outside Sales Representatives - About Us

Inside & Outside Sales Representatives

Our Inside sales reps typically support our clients right from their office or home desk. Our Outside sales reps, on the other hand, travel for you globally and broker face-to-face deals on your behalf. 

Senior Data Analysts Stramasa - About Us

Senior Data Analysts

Our Senior Data Analyst brings advanced analysis, modelling and performance measurement on projects across the agency and our clients. They demonstrate the value and impact of this sophisticated science to inform client behaviors and activities.

Business Intelligence Consultants Stramasa - About Us

Business Intelligence Consultants

Our BI Consultants improve your internal processes through data analysis and consultation. Their primary duties include monitoring data storage, documenting work processes, preparing data analysis reports, reviewing and validating the companies’ data, and monitoring analysis outcomes and metrics.

PRINCE2 & ITIL Certified Project Managers Stramasa

PRINCE2 & ITIL Certified Project Managers

Our ITIL & PRINCE2 certified Project Managers are a crucial part of the success of your project. They plan, maintain frequent communication and guard the scope, time, budget, risks of any project while sharing transparently with your stakeholders.

Creative Graphic Designers Stramasa

Creative Graphic Designers

Our Graphic Designer are true artists that help support the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. Creativity is in their DNA and their designs stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Managers Stramasa

Social Media Managers

Our Social Media Managers are responsible for overseeing your company’s interactions with the public by implementing social media platforms’ content strategies. Their duties include analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in customer interactions & running campaigns.

Communication B2B Managers / Directors Stramasa

Communication B2B Managers / Directors

Our Communication managers are in charge of overseeing all internal and external communications for a company, ensuring its message is consistent and engaging. Their main duties include preparing detailed media reports, press releases, and marketing materials.

UX Web Designers Stramasa

UX Web Designers

Our Web designers look to solve problems for our clients; UX designers look to solve problems for their users. Web designers work with a problem solving process: first, they find out the problems their clients have, then design a web solution for them, and then proceed to develop and test the website before releasing it.

Trained Web Developers

Trained Web Developers

Our amazing Web developers work closely with project managers and designers to ensure that final products adhere to predetermined budgets, scope, and designs. Web developers sometimes need to be able to show employers or clients a prototype of a website to help them understand what the finished product will be.

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We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering industry specialized services

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“Stramasa is a global integrated B2B marketing agency with a local approach. We are an award-winning full-service marketing agency that always offer the quality & personalized approach of a creative boutique marketing agency. We go beyond the normal services & approach of an online marketing agency (also referred to as internet marketing agency) and strive to implement Omnichannel Marketing Services as a Performance Marketing Agency, focused on results. We strive to become your long-term partner and a top key success factor for your growth. We offer the best scalable solutions for startups (such as full stack marketing), SME & industry leaders .”

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With any industry, understanding how to most effectively approach the market is crucial to growing a business. If you’re looking for help from a digital marketing agency it pays to choose one that already understands your industry and your customers. Take a flying start with Stramasa as your B2B digital agency partner thanks to our industry insights, local & global learnings and understanding of your ideal brand positioning for your target audience in your sector. We’re always eager to deepen our expertise & learn about new industries so let’s connect!

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